Safevalue Secure Network

100% protection from all types of DDoS attacks. Our company is specialized on DDoS protection offering it as the main service. We have fulltime specialists researching DDoS attacks and developing protection techniques.


in Frankfurt (Germany) , Washington (US) and Moscow (Russia)

1650 Gbps bandwidth
1650 Gbps bandwidth

without connection inspection (stateless) - processing IP packets on ACL/FlowSpec level without TCP connection check (blocking TCP/UDP amplifications)

150 Gbps precise filtering
150 Gbps precise filtering

with connection inspection (stateful) - each incoming TCP connection is processed and analyzed

100% protection from all types of DDoS attacks

Our company is specialized on DDoS protection offering it as the main service. We have fulltime specialists researching DDoS attacks and developing protection techniques.

Protection goals

The proposed solution is intended to minimize Client’s financial and reputational risks caused by DDoS attacks against its network infrastructure, online services and websites by solving the following tasks

Ensuring availability of Client’s resources during DDoS attacks

Minimizing negative effects of DDoS attacks

Early notification of the Client about ongoing attacks

Network protection

DDoS attack even on one of the IP addresses causes inoperability of all network infrastructure. Safe Value offers cloud Network Protection service for analyzing and filtering Internet traffic on OSI Layers 3 – 7. NT is actual for ISPs, corporate clients with their own AS who want to protect their business during DDoS attacks of any complexity.

Website protection

This service lets you protect your website against malicious DDoS traffic without moving your website to another hosting provider. Proxying works great for businesses of any size. It takes around 10 minutes to implement this solution. Enjoy the reliability and ease of use as we take care of all tech issues.

Connection details

Connection details network

We establish a GRE/IPIP/MPLS tunnel or physical connection between you and our connection point

We set up a BGP session which you use to announce your IP prefixes

We accept your BGP announcement, filter all the traffic and deliver only legitimate traffic to the client’s router. Thus you divert incoming traffic through Safe Value

Connection details

Client redirects his DNS record (himself or with our help) to the protected IP

We proxy traffic from the visitors of client’s website, redirecting to his server only clean traffic saving real visitors’ IPs in HTTP header

Optimal pricing

The prices are lower than most of the companies offer on market.

Attack types filtered

Save Value DDoS protection system is capable of filtering the following types of attacks:

  • TCP flood (including SYN ACK reflecton flood, TCP ACK flood, TCP fragmented attack)
  • SYN flood (including Spoofed SYN flood)
  • UDP flood (including DNS/NTP/SSDP amplification, UDP fragment flood)
  • HTTP flood (POST/GET bot attack, SlowLoris) – with HTTP protection option
  • ICMP flood (including Smurf attack, Ping of Death)
  • Other protocol flood (GRE flood etc.)
  • Bandwidth exhaustion (volumetric flood)

Have any questions?

If you have any questions, need more information or just want to tell us your opinion, please don’t hesitate to contact us by completing this form. One of our technician will contact you.

Points-of- presence in Europe, US and Russia

Points-of-presence in Europe, US and Russia provide minimal latency for all clients and stop the attack near its source.

Connection points

Connection points

US: 21715 Filigree Ct, Ashburn, VA 20147 (Equinix DC-5) / Address for ping:

EU: Frankfurt Germany, Kleyerstraße 90 (Equinix FR-5) / Address for ping:

Russia: Moscow, Butlerova st., 7 (MMTS-9) / Address for ping:

No bureaucracy

All the questions (such as bandwidth extension or special requirements) are solved quickly and easily, do not require long coordination and signing.


Triple filter

All traffic passing towards client’s server is cleaned in three places:

  • Edge routers. This layer of protection makes our clients resistant to 100+ Gbit attacks
  • Hardware filters. Extremely high packet processing speeds are reached
  • Stateful filters + BanHammer. The most complex and smart attacks are blocked, including bot attacks
Technologies: Triple filter


BanHammer is our system for filtering HTTP flood precisely tuned on dozens of thousands of real attacks on our clients’ websites. Despite the name, there are no bans - we use intelligent filtering methods based on behavioral and signature analysis. It made it possible to reduce number of false positives to minimal values as well as maximize percent of filtered flood.

Technologies: Banhammer


Traffic from the clients to the server on the Internet almost always goes on the cheapest links which don’t provide optimal speed and latency. When one connects Safe Value protection, traffic from the filtering point nearest to client is directed to his server using optimal low-latency routes inside Safe Value network (SpeedRoute). It often helps to reduce latency by 3-8 ms.

Technologies: Speedroute

Global Session

Our infrastructure is built catastrophe-resilient, so even a cataclysm leading to outage of one point-of-presence will not lead connection loss. How it is achieved? Due to our Global Session system, all our filtering points all over the world «know» that client has connected to the server and in case of unavailability of one of the points traffic will be automatically redirected to another point nearest to the client.

Technologies: Global Session


Our FlowSense system constantly monitors all data flows coming to client’s server/website, searches anomalies and automatically determines ongoing attack type. As a result, automatic adjustment of filtering parameters happens using BGP FlowSpec (RFC 5575) and API of our filtering systems.

Technologies: Flowsense


Client’s website will load faster with Safe Value protection because large files will be automatically cached in RAM of our caching servers and delivered to the clients momentarily! RAM works dozens of times faster then SSD disk, so each website can be speeded up this way.

HyperCache is absolutely transparent for client’s website visitors and does not require client to change anything on the website. It does not cache anything unnecessary and is highly tunable for client’s needs.

Technologies: Hypercache
24/7 technical support

Our technical support is highly regarded by our clients. If the client has a question or a problem, it’s usually solved instantly in chat mode even at night.

Technical support

Technical support is performed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our engineers are constantly monitoring Clients’ traffic and answering Clients’ requests. Maximum response time is 15 min. Technical support is always available on: phone, online chat, help desk.